Section 2: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-1:45 PM

Professor: Matt Mullins
English 410 is an advanced workshop in the theory and practice of screenwriting.  As such, students in this course will write and workshop (i.e., have collectively critiqued) two complete, short screenplays of approximately 10-20 pages each. In addition, they will be asked to complete various screenwriting and script development exercises, view films, and read material related to the craft of screenwriting.  The bulk of this course will focus on the workshopping and collective critique of complete short student screenplays, discussion of screenwriting techniques, and the reading and analysis of professionally-written screenplays and screenplay excerpts considered from the perspective of craft. Though we will look at examples of professionally written feature-length scripts and discuss how episodic and feature-length story structures work, our focus in this class will be on the writing of complete short scripts.