Section 1: Monday and Wednesday 6:30-7:45 PM

Professor: Silas Hansen
This advanced creative nonfiction writing class will build on the skills/knowledge from ENG 306 in order to ask–and answer–questions like, “What stories/ideas do I really need to tell/explore?” and “What is the best way to tell these stories/explore these ideas?” and “What kind of writer am I, really?”
We will read 5-6 books of creative nonfiction over the course of the semester as well as numerous works published in literary journals and craft essays. Based on these readings, we will talk about what makes each writer’s voice distinctive, how they identify and approach their subject matter, and what it means to write, for example, “a Joan Didion essay.” Along the way, you will identify your own subject matter/questions and narrative position and develop a distinctive voice to make your essays your own.
Assignments will include reading responses/quizzes, short writing exercises, essay drafts/workshop submissions, workshop/peer review responses, craft analyses, and a portfolio of revised work.
Possible Texts: The White Album; The Distance Between Us; Pulphead