Section 1: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-1:45 PM

Professor: Susanna Benko
ENG 350 is a course that explores different theories and practices of teaching writing.  Beginning with the assumption that writing is a critical part of English/Language Arts, this course is built on three foundational beliefs:
  • Writing can be taught and learned; teachers of English must make a focused effort to teach (not only assign) writing in secondary classrooms.
  • Teachers must prepare students to write for many purposes and audiences
  • English teachers can not only teach writing but also take up identities as writers.
 This course concentrates on materials, methods, and resources used in teaching writing – including designing high quality writing assignments, scaffolding lessons, and designing assessments with a focus on rubrics in the English Language Arts classroom. Additional focuses of the course include technology and multimedia in practice and the teaching of grammar.
This course is required for the teaching major in English/Language Arts.  Students must have completed all components of DP 2 and must meet the GPA requirement in order to enroll.  Contact the English Department at (765)285-8583 or for special permission for the course.