Section 1: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2:00-2:50 PM

Topic: “Storytelling and Social Justice”
Professor: Emily Rutter

“Storytelling and Social Justice” will facilitate a reciprocal relationship between Ball State undergraduate students and Teamwork for Quality Living, a local nonprofit focused on decreasing poverty in our community. Students will receive storytelling instruction from me, as well as guidance from Dorica Watson, a credentialed Teamwork social worker, about how to build relationships across lines of class, race, and gender. Students will use this knowledge to assist Teamwork members in documenting their personal journeys from poverty toward self-sufficiency. These stories will then become part of a short documentary film and an electronic book. While Ms. Watson and I will play key instructional roles, Ball State students will produce the short documentary film and electronic book themselves in conjunction with their Teamwork partners. In the process, Ball State students will gain valuable experience working in the fields of telecommunications, graphic design, professional writing, adult education, and social work. Additionally, students will bolster their cultural competency skills, which are in increasing demand in our ever-diversifying nation. Perhaps most importantly, “Storytelling and Social Justice” will forge stronger connections between our campus and the community, ensuring that an equal value is placed on all of the voices in Delaware County.

Please email Emily Rutter ( to request permission to enroll in this course.