Section 1: Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-1:45 PM

Professor: G Patterson
The goal of English 231 is to help you develop written and oral skills that can be applied in a variety of professional contexts. You will practice workplace communication skills by studying and employing various strategies, forms, and techniques of effective persuasive writing. It is my hope that you will invest yourself in improving your craft through these tasks as writing is or will be an essential and marketable part of your working life.
In this class you will learn and practice the basic processes, genres, formats, and editing strategies used by successful writers from all professions. I will also provide you with opportunities to experiment with writing as a way to think through course material and/or writing assignments. This course will emphasize rhetorical principles, which means writing is judged effective if it meets the needs of the audience, fulfills its communicative purpose, and is ethical.
By the end of the semester, you should be able to:
  • Analyze audience, purpose, genre conventions, and situational constraints for all communications.
  • Produce various common workplace documents such as business correspondence, long reports, and career documents.
  • Design and organize your documents with usability and readability in mind.
  • Edit for precision, clarity, conciseness, and accuracy.
  • Collaborate with others to improve your writing.