Section 2: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2:30-5:10 PM

Summer II

Topic: Literary Citizenship

Professor: Jama Bigger, director of the Midwest Writers Workshop

This course will teach you how to take advantage of the opportunities offered by your campus, local, regional and national literary communities and how you can best contribute to those communities given your talents and interests. It will also help you begin to professionalize yourself as a writer or in a writing-related career.
You will learn:
1.) how use a professional blog or website as a literary citizen
2.) organize a multi-day literary event
3.) create content for the Midwest Writers Workshop’s e-newsletter, website, and social media
4.) promote the event to local, state, and national constituencies
5.) interview writers
6.) review books.
You will apply what you learned and serve as either a Literary Agent Assistant or a Social Media Tutor at the Midwest Writers Workshop, a national writing conference, which takes place on July 20-22, 2017. Note: this course can count as an elective in the English major or possibly as a required course. Please contact Prof. Cathy Day ( to see how you might count it in your major or minor.