Section 1: Monday – Friday 11:00 AM -12:35 PM

Professor: Emily Rutter
English 206 is an introduction to the interpretation of literary works and to writing critically about literature. In our class, we will develop these skills by engaging with literature that centralizes food. How do novels, poems, films, and cookbooks use the language of food to convey cultural norms? Moreover, how do American writers use food to explore issues of ethnic identity, lineage, diaspora, and cultural belonging? We will pursue these questions in possible texts by Monique Truong, Jhumpa Lahiri, Kevin Young, Mark Kurlansky, and Laura Esquivel, among others. Asking these questions of literature will also assist us in better understanding our own relationship to food and culture. Assignments will include informal digital responses, essays, and exams.
The class satisfies the Tier I (Humanities and Fine Arts) requirement for the University Core Curriculum Program.  It is designed for students who are not majoring in English.