Section 1: Mondays 6:30-9:10 PM

Professor: Elizabeth Riddle
This course will take a linguistic approach to the analysis of digital forms of communication. The focus will be on the linguistic forms used in relation to the medium and purpose of communication, and on the pragmatics of interaction. Among specific topics to be considered are the following: comparison of linguistic structures and styles used in digital communication in relation to other forms of communication; social attitudes to the forms of language used in digital communication; language choice in non-monolingual societies; and issues of community, identity, anonymity, (im)politeness, and cross-cultural variation impacting linguistic choices, and electronic media as sources of linguistic data. The goals for students include becoming familiar with a range of issues in the linguistic analysis of digital forms of communication, becoming familiar with the use of digital data sources, further developing independent critical thinking and analytical skills, and further developing academic research and writing skills.