Section 1: Wednesdays 6:30-9:10 PM   

Professor: Elizabeth Riddle
A critical and in-depth study, from a semantico-pragmatic/discourse-functional and cognitive linguistic perspective, of aspects of Modern English grammar especially significant for the teaching of EFL/ESL and for further linguistics study.  Key theoretical linguistic concepts will be introduced throughout the course in conjunction with the study of particular grammatical phenomena.  Since it is not possible to cover in one semester all important aspects of the grammatical structure of English, an essential feature of the course will be to develop students’ critical thinking skills about the structure of English and to provide students with the knowledge and resources to continue to learn on their own. Specifically, students will develop their analytical skills in relation to the structure of English in order to adequately handle needs such as the following in their future teaching:  EFL/ESL error diagnosis and correction, evaluation of treatments of grammar in teaching materials, and answering EFL/ESL students’ questions grammatical phenomena inadequately treated in the professional literature.  A basic understanding of traditional English grammar concepts is assumed.  Readings will be journal articles and book chapters on Blackboard, with supplementary handouts distributed in class.