Section 1: Monday-Friday 12:45-2:20

 Professor: Emily Scalzo

English 285 offers an introduction to the art and craft of writing poetry and prose that’s worth reading. The course will focus on development of writing craft, obtainment of a critical/literary vocabulary, and a reading, examination, and discussion of established authors. As students and writers, you will read and analyze high quality published work, write and revise your own pieces, and read and discuss the work of your classmates. Time permitting, I also hope to introduce you to the world of literary journals and publishing as well. This course does not require you to be an experienced and/or gifted creative writer; it does require you to be willing to read, analyze, and do your best on your own work. The structure will move from creative nonfiction to fiction to poetry, with a workshop aspect near the end of the semester.  This is a reading and writing intensive course.