Section 1: Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-12:15 PM

Professor: Lyn Jones

Creative writing projects in the local community, including readings, performances, and workshops.  Prerequisite: ENG 306 or 307 or 308.

English 409 is an immersive, service learning opportunity. English 409 students meet with young writers in the community, to teach creative writing techniques and to write a text collaboratively. These young community partners are in various programs throughout Muncie, including Longfellow Elementary, Daleville Elementary, and Storer Elementary.

Objectives include the enrichment of the creative writing major, through engagement in the local community; through the scholarly study of memoir through relevant essays about creative narrative nonfiction writing pedagogy and community engagement; and through the use of critical and creative examinations of the student’s own and collaborative work created for the class. The end product will be a published anthology of the writing generated by both the university student and the young writers and several public community readings in and outside of Muncie, Indiana.