Section 2: Tuesday 6:30-9:10 PM

Professor: Jackie Grutsch McKinney

This section of English 601 is an introduction to the various research methods used in the field of Rhetoric and Composition. We will explore ways of researching in the field by reading published research, learning ethical and institutionally-appropriate ways of conducting research, studying the genre of research writing, and taking on mini-research projects. Particular attention will be given to the art of articulating research questions and selecting appropriate methods for answering such questions–a skill that must be mastered by students before entering the final stage (thesis or dissertation) of their degree. By the end of the course, students should have a better understanding of how knowledge is made in the field of Rhetoric and Composition historically and presently. Such an understanding is pertinent to those who currently (or intend to) study, teach, or publish in the field.