Section 3: Tuesday and Thursday 9:30-10:45 AM

Professor: Jennifer Grouling

Games and Interactive Narrative

This section of ENG 444 combines your skills in creative writing, professional writing, and literary/rhetorical analysis to study interactive narrative in both video and board games. We will read about narrative theory and structure of games, analyzing different structures as we go. We will also read about writing for the game industry, including writing game pitches and design documents. You will apply what you have learned in a collaborative project that involves writing a narrative scenario for a board game and play-testing it.

As a senior seminar, you will develop your own semester long project based on the theme of the course and your specialty within English Studies. You will conduct a rhetorical, literary, or linguistic analysis of a game or game genre, write a game pitch or script for a game, or develop teaching materials that incorporate gaming in the English classroom.