Section 2:Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-12:15 PM

Professor: Craig O’Hara

This course centers on the fundamentals of writing the literary short story—vivid concrete language, three-dimensional characters, complex plot—with an emphasis on the student’s ability to write clearly and dramatically. The focus of this course will be the writing workshop and the extensive revision that all writers employ to develop their work into polished pieces. The course also includes discussion of, and hands-on practice with, elements of the craft and in-depth class discussions of the techniques employed by authors recognized in the field.

In addition to the writing workshop, assignments include short developmental pieces and critical reading responses to contemporary works of fiction. At the end of the semester students will turn in a portfolio of revised stories and a submission of work to a literary magazine.

Texts will include:

Janet Burroway’s Writing Fiction, including contemporary works of short fiction by writers such as Junot Diaz, Denis Johnson, and Lorrie Moore.