Section 1: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00-10:50 AM

Professor: Sean Lovelace

Writing is an art and craft, creative inspiration blended with very hard work. In this class, we will focus on the work—reading, writing, discussing fiction, both professional examples, and our own personal writing. The goal is to develop technical ability and understanding of craft and technique; and to define and cultivate a personal aesthetic—or, at least, do some serious thinking about it. A portion of the class will concentrate on the development of a critical vocabulary, in-class writing exercises, and the discussion of pieces of short fiction. Obviously, fiction is a massive “world,” and we will analyze the usual and expected aspects: plot, setting, character, and so on. I would like to focus on objects in fiction (as in what is there and why?), figurative language (metaphors, similes, personification, etc.), conflict (locating it and why it’s important), and mood, or atmosphere. Be sure to think about these specific aspects with every fiction piece we read.

We will also focus on a particular structure in this class: THE QUEST. You will be expected to write a complete quest narrative.

Another portion of the class will be dedicated to workshop, or peer review, of your own original fiction. Every student is expected to thoroughly read their peers’ work, and to give thoughtful and respectful feedback. Although focusing on workshopping student stories at this time, we will continue with exercises and our discussions of published fiction as well.


  •        The Road by Cormac McCarthy
  •        Flaming Iguanas by Erika Lopez
  •        A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami
  •        Deliverance by James Dickey
  •        We will also have handouts and stories and online texts.

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