Section 1: Monday and Wednesday 3:00-4:15 PM

Professor: Todd McKinney

What is Creative Nonfiction? Are there different types of Creative Nonfiction? How is Creative Nonfiction different than journalism? What is a fact? Any different than truth? What is truth? The same as a fact? A matter of perspective? And what is Perspective anyway? Is that the same as a narrator? How is a Creative Nonfiction narrator different than a fiction narrator? Or a poet? Who tells the truth? How does one put the truth into words that are both artful and honest?

These are just a few of the questions we will take up this semester in this introduction to Creative Nonfiction, which will provide us the opportunity to practice writing Creative Nonfiction and to further explore its possibilities by reading and discussing a number of essays. In short, this class asks the student to write and read a lot. Also, the class will explore the possibilities of Creative Nonfiction and gain a strong understanding of the key concepts and terms needed to be a part of the conversation that is Creative Nonfiction. The assignments and exercises will challenge us to think critically and creatively to better understand how we make meaning out of language and experience so we can present it to a reader to continue the discussion of what it means to be alive on earth.