Section 1: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 11:00-11:50 AM

Professor: Jennifer Grouling

This class is designed to give you an introduction to the field of Rhetoric and Writing studies, laying the context for this major within English studies as a whole. This course provides Rhetoric and Writing majors, professional writing minors, and other interested parties the theoretical and methodological background needed to pursue other major coursework in Rhetoric and Writing.
This particular section of ENG 210 will focus most heavily on Writing Studies, stressing four threshold concepts:

  1.     Writing is a Social and Rhetorical Activity
  2.     Writing Speaks to Situations through Recognizable Forms
  3.     Writing Enacts and Creates Identities and Ideologies
  4.     All Writers Have More to Learn

We will explore these concepts in four units, each with a distinct unit project. Unit 1 will teach the basis of rhetoric, ending with a “rhetorical role-play” and speech. Unit 2 will explore the notion of genre and culminate in an analysis of written genres in a profession of your choice. Unit 3 takes us into the community to experience the ways that writing works in the lives of Muncie residents and how it reflects certain identities. Finally, Unit 4 asks you to analyze your own writing process and what more you have to learn as you continue as a writer.